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SNGo Brain - If you are serious about making money with Sit and Go tournaments.

You will finish more in the money then anyone else at your Sit and Go Tournament table when you have the SNGo Brain.

Make sure you get the free shareware version of the SNGo Brain to find out for yourself.

Download it now!

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SNGo Brain for Sit and Go Tournaments.

How to make money with Sit and Go Tournaments?

By winning more first, second and third places.
That sounds easy and it is. By using the SNGo Brain ofcourse.
Because with the SNGo Brain
your are guided through the various stages of the
Sit and Go Tournament to arrive at the
point where you have that great all mighty
important shot to conquer the first place to get
paid the maximum money out of the
Sit and Go tournaments you are playing for money. The SNGo Brain is the program
which assist you in the most important part
of making money with Sit and go tournaments.
The end game! We all know that we have to play
tight in the beginning. But what we
really have to know and apply is the two key
factors in winning Sit and go tournaments....
When to go all-in yourself or to call a all-in from your opponent, especially in the heads-up
end game. In the heads-up end game is where the true winning potential of Sit and go
tournaments are to be made. With the SNGo Brain you always make the right decision.
You always play an optimal all-in or call the all-in game. If your opponent is to passive or
to aggressive you win more games from him then you loose by amking these optimized
all-in moves. You can make more then 50% first place finishes using the SNGo Brain.
Your overall First, Second and Third places will be much higher and the annoying fourth
place bubble place will happen far less then before. Your profits can increase and your
bankroll can grow faster making it possible to play higher limit Sit'n'Go tournaments sooner
and raking in more profits faster then the ones hwo are forced to play the lower limits
Sit and Go tournaments because they don't know hot optimize the end game in an easy way.
Oh, btw. You always know how to play against the so called M-zone players. We got them
covered. With the SNGo Brain we know what they think about our chip stack status and
we know what we have to do with their M-zone status. Our dynamic Stack attacker and
M-zone revealer does that for you.
Download you free shareware version of the SNGo Brain to become the Nr.1
money making Sit and Go tournament player of your online poke room now:


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Our users say:
''Amazing to see it play online poker and taking down the pots uncontested."
Hans O. Germany
(He referred to the Grinder profile suite.)
"A job well done. Keep up the good work, Danny."
Richard A. U.S.A
(He uses Grinder and Rocky2)
"Did not knew it was capable of bluffing untilI your Pitbull profile told me to bet and I won with a missed flush draw.
  Chris P. U.S.A
"Dear Danny,
Your Sngo program is the sit and go killer i was looking for. From 10 dollar to 100 dollar tournaments in one month because i finish so much more in the money. It is so great to get into the heads-up end game and know exactly how to outplay these guys.
Willem H. Netherlands
"I learned more from your profiles then by reading poker books. Learning professional poker by actually playing with the guidance of your profiles is the fastest way and so enjoyable too.
  Roger B. U.S.A